Solar charger with torch and FM radio

Solar Charger

* Solar battery Type: mono-crystalline
* Parameters of solar cells: 5.5V, 0.6W
* Built-in Li-ion battery capacity: 1500mAh
* Charging time: 8~10h at light environment
* Wall Charger: 5V, 300mA 1~2h
* Power of products: <0.5W
* Power of speaker: 0.25W
* Range of frequency:76MHz~108MHz
* lamp life:>10000h
* Dimensions:135×62×28mm
* Weight:50g

* Lighting
* FM radio
* Emergency Charger Accessory:
AC/DC 1pcs output cable: 1pcs
Connectors for mobile phones: 5 pcs,connectors can be customized